Section: Anti-Counterfeiting
ACEF Concerns Included in Federal Government’s Review of Notorious Markets for Counterfeiting & Piracy
Minnesota Man Pleads Guilty to Counterfeit Coin Fraud Scheme
New Date Set for Kirschner Sentencing
PNG Leaders Step Up Fight Against Fakes With ACEF
Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force Moves to Foundation
American Numismatic Association Donates $55,000 to Fight Counterfeiting
ACEF Receives IRS Approval, Now Public Charity
Three Receive 2018 ACTF Al Kreuzer Memorial Award
ACTF Special Exhibit of Counterfeits Coins, Bars for Public Education
Silver, Gold American Eagles Most Counterfeited Bullion Coins
Man Pleads Guilty to Selling, Importing Fakes; Impersonating Agent
Federal Grand Jury Indicts Coin Dealer for Sale of Counterfeit Coins, Mail Fraud
Greg Allen New ACTF Steering Committee Chair
NGC Teams with ANA, PNG, ICTA and NCIC to Fight Counterfeit Coins
Donate Coins and Join the Battle Against Counterfeiters!
U.S. Mint’s Response to Members of Congress Lacks Commitment
ACTF Reorganizes Research Group, Adds Three Work Groups
Minnesota Man Charged with Felony for Selling Counterfeit Coins
ICTA Names 11 to Task Force Steering Committtee, Forms Work Groups
Anti-Counterfeit Task Force Formed
Counterfeit Cashier's Checks
Suspect Selling Counterfeit Coins and Bullion