Our Staff

David Crenshaw
Executive Director
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David began his numismatic journey at the age of 10, when he discovered his first blue Whitman folder. He has been an active member of the community ever since, as a dealer, first selling error coins through high school and college, as a collector participating in local and national coin clubs, and as an advocate for hobbyists and dealers throughout the country. His experience has given him a broad perspective for leading the National Coin & Bullion Association.

David joined NCBA in 2013 as the chief operating officer, where he was tasked with using his skills as a computer programmer and analyst to bring NCBA’s technology up to date so that they could more efficiently direct the fight for a safe and favorable legislative environment. In addition to overseeing the launch of NCBA’s Facebook page and website redesigns, he has been an active force in advocating in many states for new tax exemptions and educating others about the hobby.

Before coming to NCBA, David spent nine years working for Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo, serving as general manager of the largest and best privately run coin expos in the country, with shows in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Nashville. It was during his time at Whitman that he began collaborating with [ICTA/NCBA] as he led the successful effort to keep Maryland’s sales-tax exemption.

David is a recipient of the ANA Glenn Smedley Memorial Award in 2014, the ANA Presidential Award in 2016, the FUN Numismatic Ambassador Award in 2019, and Coin World Annual Most Influential People in Numismatics in 2022.


Pat Heller
Industry Issues Advisor
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Pat started collecting coins at the age of 11. After earning a BBA with Distinction from the University of Michigan he worked for seven years as a certified public accountant. While an accountant he became a customer and friend of the founder of Liberty Coin Service in Lansing, Michigan. In 1981, LCS incorporated with Pat as president. In 1995 he became the sole owner through the end of 2014. He now serves as LCS’s communications officer.

In the late 1990s, Pat led the successful effort to establish a precious metals bullion and coins sales tax exemption in Michigan in 1999, then later documented that industry growth resulted in the Michigan Treasury replacing and collecting more than 100% of the taxes eliminated from this exemption. This information has subsequently been used, often with personal appearances before legislators and state officials, to gain, expand, or restore comparable sales tax exemptions in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming. This information has also helped preserve existing exemptions that were considered for revocation.

Pat has also helped numismatic education by speaking in more than 100 school classes and teaching about coin collecting to Scouts, 4-H groups, and at the Michigan Historical Museum. He calls himself the “unofficial artist” of the US 2004 Michigan Statehood Quarter. During his service on the Michigan Quarter Commission working on the possible designs for that coin, he was the primary author of the written instructions submitted to the US Mint on the specifications for creating the design of each of the candidate themes. He also participated in the meeting with Michigan Governor Granholm where she selected the design to appear on the 2004 Michigan Statehood Quarter.

Over the years, Pat has been recognized for his service to the numismatic hobby and industry. In 2003, the Michigan State Numismatic Society honored him with its highest award, the George Hatie Award. The Professional Numismatist’s Guild bestowed its top honor, the Abe Kosoff Award, in 2010. From the American Numismatic Association he has been recognized with the President’s Award (2008), Harry J. Forman Dealer of the Year Award (2012), Exemplary Service Award (2017), and Glenn Smedley Memorial Award (2018). Over the years he has received a dozen awards from the Numismatic Literary Guild for writing LCS’s newsletter, Liberty’s Outlook, and for his radio commentaries. In 2019 he was honored with the FUN Numismatic Ambassador Award.

From 2007-2019 Pat served on the American Numismatic Association’s Finance and Budget Committee, serving as committee chair for most of those years. For the National Coin & Bullion Association he served as a member of the board of directors from 2002-2022 and as treasurer from 2002-2019.


Jimmy Hayes
General Counsel
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Jimmy Hayes’s name is recognized by many collectors as part of the pedigree of numismatic rarities from his own collection, which was among the first to be awarded PCGS “Hall of Fame” status. After graduating from Tulane Law School, Jimmy practiced for several years in Louisiana before holding the title of Louisiana Commissioner of Financial Institutions and Commissioner of Securities. He co-authored the current Louisiana banking code. After serving ten years in Congress, during the latter part of which he was a Ways and Means Committee member, Jimmy left Congress and took a position as vice president of ACLI, the life-insurance industry’s trade association. In 1999, Jimmy Hayes formed Washington Matters LLC, which served such clients as GE, the Miccosukee tribe, Dade County Farm Bureau, the Chicago Sun Times, and others, including ICTA’s “sister” organization, CERT. Jimmy’s passion for American history has led to his previous service on the boards of the U.S. Capitol Historical Society, the National First Ladies’ Library, and the American Numismatic Society. His efforts for CERT led to the passage of the Collectible Coin Protection Act of 2014.