As an industry-based association, NCBA thrives because of its members’ involvement. Committee participation is an excellent way for members to do their part in helping the association meet its goals, while also meeting their professional, networking, and social needs.

Members are encouraged to make the most of membership opportunities by getting involved. Joining a committee is one of the best ways to learn, connect, and make a difference.

ASE Supply Challenge

The committee is addressing the current American Silver Eagle supply challenge.


The bylaws committee is responsible for revising and reviewing the association's bylaws.


The executive committee provides oversight and management of the affairs of the association in conjunction with the executive director.


The finance committee provides financial oversight for the association, including budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies.


The membership committee develops new and innovative ways to attract new members, as well as retain current membership. The committee also develops strategies on how to communicate the association's message to potential members and donors, as well as to generate interest in its mission and purpose.

Numismatic Industry Coinage Advisory

The committe's purpose is advising Congress on the adoption of commemorative programs that memorialize people and events truly worthy of commemoration by the nation. NICAC's goal is to encourage approval of commemorative programs that have deep appeal among coin collectors or broad appeal with the American public.


The committee is responsible for selecting a recptient from the applicants for a NCBA scholarship to attend the American Numismatic Associaiton Summer Seminar each year.