Section: States
Kentucky Joins Majority of States with New Tax Exemption for Currency and Bullion
Badger State Enacts Sales-Tax Exemption on Precious-Metal Bullion
Significant Developments in the Campaign for Assembly Bill A5294 in New Jersey
Senate Bill 889 Enhances Tax Code, Protects Taxpayers' Interests
CCBMA Resolves Sales Tax Issue Through Legislation
CCBMA Advocates for Fair Treatment and Clarity on Sales Tax Threshold Changes
Florida Bill Revises Statute 538.03 “Secondhand Goods” Definition
California Coins and Bullion Sales and Use Tax Regulation Changed
Magnolia State Passes Sales-Tax Exemption Bill
Volunteer State Ends Tax on Coins, Currency, and Bullion
Alabama Bill Amends Bullion Definition, Extends Expiration Date, and Repeals Reporting Requirements
Virginia Sales-Tax Exemption Extended and Threshold Removed
Arkansas and Ohio Coin Dealers Receives Service Awards
Support Campaigns to Protect Your Business from State Greed
Ohio Budget Bill Reinstates Investment Bullion and Coin Sales-Tax Exemption
Arkansas Governor Hutchinson Signs Bill Providing Sales-Tax Exemption
Small Business Investors, Hobbyists Sue Minnesota for Criminalizing Their Pursuits
Bullion and Coin Sales-Tax Exemption Successfully Defended Again in Maryland
Ohio Budget Kills Sales-Tax Exemption
Kansas Governor Signs Bill Providing Sales-Tax Exemption
Alabama Dealers Honored with Service Award
Alabama Becomes 37th State with a Sales-Tax Exemption
North Carolina Joins 35 Other States with a Sales-Tax Exemption
New Louisiana Coins and Precious-Metals Bullion Exemption Enacted
Minnesota Sales-Tax Exemption Legislation Enacted
Texas Attorney General Issues Gold Coins Consumer Protection Tips
Virginia Sales-Tax Exemption Expanded to Include Coins
Ohio Governor Kasich Signs Sales-Tax Exemption Legislation
Minnesota Law Targeting Coin Dealers Is Amended
ICTA Passes Major Reform Legislation in Minnesota
Indiana Governor Signs Sales-Tax Exemption Bill
Tennessee Sales-Tax Exemption Legislation Introduced
Michigan's First Accredited Precious Metals Dealer
Hollis Earns Second Term in Office After Opponent Withdraws
Pennsylvania Governor Wolf vetoes Republican-crafted budget
Texas is first state-owned and operated depository in the U.S.
Virginia bullion tax exemption takes effect July 1
Indiana Governor signs House Enrolled Act No. 1046
Teamwork Defeats Maryland’s Attempt to Repeal Hobby’s Sales-Tax Exemption
Virginia Passes Sales Tax Exemption Bill
MN Bullion Coin Dealer Law Q&A at Baltimore Expo
Oklahoma Amends Sales-Tax Exemption Law
Nebraska Passes Sales Tax Exemption Bill