ANA Recognizes David Crenshaw for Service to Numismatic Hobby
Monday, April 25, 2016
Section: Association

At the Georgia Numismatic Association's annual banquet on April 16, special guest and American Numismatic Association president Jeff Garrett recognized an individual who has made numerous contributions to the hobby and to the American Numismatic Association.

David Crenshaw, left, receives the ANA Presidential Award April 16 from American Numismatic Association President Jeff Garrett during the Georgia Numismatic Association banquet. (Photo by Joe Meyers.)

"When David Crenshaw was 10 years old, he picked out his first blue Whitman folder and discovered the wonder of numismatics," said Garrett. "No one who has the pleasure of knowing him will be surprised to hear that he was an unusually determined and well-organized boy. Just three years after starting that first blue folder, David began a mail-order business selling error coins, along with a catalog he titled Nobody's Perfect. This adolescent business venture helped support him all the way through high school and college.

"After earning a degree in business administration, David spent a few years working in an Atlanta coin store. The rising importance of computers was not lost on him, and he began to apply himself to the study of computer programming and analysis. His expertise in the field, along with his good nature and commonsense outlook, led him to a successful career as a programmer with Honeybaked Ham and other businesses. Meanwhile, he maintained his involvement in numismatics, participating in coin clubs, editing newsletters, and volunteering wherever his help was needed.

"Then, in 2004, his vocation and his avocation came together when he was hired as a programmer for Whitman Publishing. He was soon tasked to help out with the largest privately run coin shows in the country, the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo, and was eventually made general manager.

"After nine years with Whitman, David took a position as chief operating officer at the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, where he has been a resounding success. He works tirelessly on behalf of numismatic dealers and hobbyists, traveling around the country to meet with coin clubs and other groups, deliver presentations, and provide legislative testimony on matters of great importance to our industry.

"Meanwhile, David continues to share the wealth of his experience and the gift of his time with other collectors, Young Numismatists, the ANA Summer Seminars, and coin clubs. He continues to pen numismatic articles, and has won awards from the ANA and others for his service to the hobby.

"For his service to our hobby, it is my pleasure to honor David Crenshaw with the ANA Presidential Award."