Law jeopardizes German coin collecting
Monday, August 3, 2015
Section: Association

As many of you may already be aware, Ursula Kampmann (CoinsWeekly) reported that Germany’s government has proposed an overreaching amendment to its Protection of Cultural Heritage law.“It is mainly about the German state’s intention to bargain hunt its cultural heritage by preventing the owners from selling [cultural goods] outside the country,” stated Kampmann in her article “Ministerial draft updating the legislation on the Protection of Cultural Heritage.”

An electronic petition in opposition to the amendment, spearheaded by Kampmann, is now being signed by collectors from around the world. Read “Online petition for preserving the right to privately collect” for more information.

Kampmann aptly points out, “Actively participating in this petition and informing as many collectors as possible is the only chance for us of getting a hearing from the politicians.”

Please join us, along with collectors worldwide, in solidarity with the German collectors, and sign the petition here.