Dillon Gage Launches FizCommerce
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Section: Association

Dillon Gage MetalsDillon Gage’s FizCommerce platform, developed by the Digital Metals business unit is helping numismatic dealers drive sales and increase profit margins. One particular dealer in their network, American Eagle Reserve, is reporting a 50 percent increase in sales over the past fiscal year.

FizCommerce is a cutting-edge online platform designed to operate as a dealer’s virtual e-commerce portal. The innovative platform provides dealers with multiple numismatic and bullion sales and service features, permitting them to lower overhead and operate successfully in an environment where margins are tighter

FizCommerce displays an online catalog of hundreds of bullion and numismatic product offerings for customers, each with high-resolution imagery. All products are offered with simple, real-time prices set by the dealer, a streamlined sales process, reliable purchase tracking and real-time analytics to help dealers manage their business. And everything the platform offers comes at a lower cost than dealers can achieve on their own. Currently, no other precious metals wholesaler offers a similar business solution.
Highlights of FizCommerce include:
  • An online e-commerce platform for brick and mortar numismatic dealers
  • Website that is constantly updated with additional product offerings
  • Lower support costs
  • Faster real-time trading to save time and reduce market risk
“Platforms like FizCommerce enable us to work better, faster and smarter,” said Walt Burnham, director of numismatics for American Eagle Reserve. “With near identical pricing structures in what we sell to the public, dealers can get an edge by lowering support costs, sourcing products from a single wholesaler and locking in purchase and sales options in real time,” he added.

“For a very nominal subscription fee, we can put our dealers in business on the Internet,” said John Humphrey, Digital Metals Executive Vice President. “We can also lower their trading risk by allowing them to send the transaction immediately to Dillon Gage Metals, and we lower their overhead by leveraging our drop ship capabilities. In most cases, dealers can be up and running on a customized eCommerce site within a couple weeks. This is a great step forward for the industry. Dealers who are interested are encouraged to call Dillon Gage Metals to schedule a demonstration.”

For more information on Dillon Gage Metals, please visit their website or phone 800-375-4653.