ICTA Launches New Website
Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Section: Association

The Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) launched today a new website at ictaonline.org.

The website’s updated design is great-looking and is full of new improvements including intuitive navigation with a more standardized menu structure, simplified organization, and refreshed content to make the website more user-friendly and encourage user interaction.

The website’s new features include:

  • Members may update their own profiles (e.g. usernames, passwords)
  • Visitors may apply for membership
  • Provides members-only content and resources (e.g. alerts, white papers)
  • Fast, easy and secure payments and renewals
  • Search for members and view their profiles
  • News articles, information kits, and more

 “The website’s integrated content management capabilities positions our small staff to save time and our association money while making the most of the web,” said Chief Operating Officer David Crenshaw. Executive Director Kathy McFadden commented that “David’s extensive background in information systems is helping to ensure that ICTA stays at the cutting edge of technology and operationally efficient.”

 The new ictaonline.org website has been available to the board of directors through a beta launch for the past month, receiving overwhelming positive feedback. The site will continue its evolution introducing new content and features.