Exciting Launch of Great American Coin Show in Tampa
Revolutionizing Tradition: A New Era for Coin Shows Unveiled in Tampa
Friday, November 10, 2023
Section: National

by Larry Shepherd
The acclaimed Tampa, Florida Convention Center.

In an unprecedented move that marks a significant milestone in the 63-year history of Coin World magazine, a new era of coin and collectibles shows is set to dawn. Coin World, in collaboration with Shepherd Expos Management, is thrilled to announce the launch of the first Great American Coin and Collectibles Show. This eagerly anticipated event is scheduled to take place at the renowned Tampa Convention Center in Florida from September 11 to 14, 2024.

The brainchild of Coin World publisher Amos Media and masterminded by Shepherd Expos Management's Larry Shepherd, a seasoned professional numismatist and show planner, the Great American Coin and Collectibles Show promises to revolutionize the traditional coin show experience.

Rick Amos, Chairman of Amos Media, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Coin shows have not changed much in 50 years, and we need to bring the concept into the 21st century. The ability to sell and buy coins online is a significant part of today’s marketplace, but we believe it is still vitally important to be able to see coins and bank notes in person and to conduct transactions face-to-face, as well as offer in-person educational opportunities.”

The decision to partner with Larry Shepherd, known for his success in revitalizing the Central States Numismatic Society show, reflects a commitment to innovation. Amos added, “When Larry became available, we were excited to partner with a proven professional who knows how to plan and deliver a successful show. Larry has a proven track record of professional show management success from his years with Central States and the American Numismatic Association.”

Scheduled just before the public opening, a dealer-to-dealer trading day on September 10 will provide an exclusive opportunity for table holders to engage in transactions. The show will boast a large bourse space accommodating nearly 600 dealers' tables, along with a separate collectors' annex featuring 60 to 70 tables.

Recognizing the importance of security, the guarded security room will remain accessible until Monday, September 16, allowing dealers and visitors to store their valuables while exploring the attractions and activities that Florida has to offer.

Larry Shepherd highlighted the strategic choice of Tampa as the event location, citing its proximity to a large concentration of collectors, the prestigious Tampa Convention Center, and the top-ranking Tampa International Airport. Plans are already underway to make this a semi-annual event, with a second show scheduled for March 2025.

As anticipation builds, the organizers have promised announcements regarding discount rates for attendees at eight nearby hotels. For those eager to learn more about the Great American Coin and Collectibles Show, visit www.GACC.show. For inquiries about Shepherd Expos Management, contact Larry Shepherd at 719-464-8801 or via email at ShepherdExpos@gmail.com.

Prepare to witness the evolution of coin shows at the Great American Coin and Collectibles Show—a testament to the industry's commitment to embracing innovation and meeting the needs of a new generation of collectors and dealers.